Utah man recalls meeting Las Vegas shooter

Mapleton man met Stephen Paddock at Nevada air show

MAPLETON, Utah (ABC 4 News) - A Utah sculptor met the man responsible for mass murder -- just two weeks before the Las Vegas shooting.

Gary Lee Price, from Mapleton, is a sculptor -- and he was showing off his work at an air show in Reno, Nevada a few weeks ago.

"Thousands of people came by my booth and looked at my sculptures," said Price.

One of those people was Stephen Paddock.

"Said that he was a pilot, a former pilot -- and said 'I'm just an accountant and own a couple of airplanes,'" said Price.

Two weeks later, Paddock would kill 58 people and injure hundreds more.

But, to Price, Paddock seemed completely normal.

"Just the nicest guy you could imagine," said Price.

Still, there was one thing that stuck out to Price. Paddock was with his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, and Price's wife offered to take their photo together.

"Lisa said 'hey, do you want to come up and sit with him on the bench?' And she just very emphatically said, 'No, I don't,'" said Price.

Marilou Danley has since said that she had no idea Paddock was planning the attack.

"It messes with your mind," said Price.

He can't help but dwell on a brief encounter with a man who would commit mass murder.

"Who knows, he may have had plans to do something at the air show. You know, there's thousands of people that gather there," said Price.

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