Utah Man Hopes to Change the Watch World With New Company

SALT LAKE CITY (Good4Utah) - A Utah student has decided to put his lessons in class, to work.  While being a full time student and employee, he is creating his own watch company.
Kyle Bringhurst always wanted to run his own company.
He said, "I've always been an entrepreneur.  When I was three, I sold rocks on the side of my house.  When I was eight, I had a quarter restaurant.  It's just part of who I am."
Now as an adult, he is trying to target more than just his neighbors.
Bringhurst explained, "There were no other watches out there that do that."
He has taken the traditional watch and improved the fit.
Bringhurst continued, "My wrist is the worst size.  It felt right between two of the holes, so it was too tight or too loose and so it was sliding around.  So I thought, what can I do to solve this problem."
Bringhurst has taken to the funding website KickStarter to help raise funds to fully launch his company Venture Watches. 
You see, it's the strap of this watch that makes the difference.
"The thing unique about us is our buckle."
And Bringhurst thinks their unique style also makes the watch better.
He said, "You can get the perfect fit now."
The watch designs are ready to go.
A manufacturer is prepared to start mass production.
But, Venture Watches needs more money to go to the next level.  That's where Bringhursts hopes you will join the Venture Dream.
Bringhurst said, "Our goal is to get it into every store and online thing.  Our dream would be to get on shark tank."
Bringhurst and the Venture Watch team believe their watch will change the way people take time with them, wherever they go.




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