Utah distillery has ties to a shootout

SOUTH SALT LAKE(ABC 4 Utah) There's a new distillery being built right now in South Salt Lake. It just happens to sit on the land once occupied by homeowner Ron Larsen.  Back in 2008 he was involved in a shootout with police that left him dead.  It also left bullet holes and dents in the bricks of the home.
Guess what the name of the distillery is?  "Dented Brick Distillery."  A group headed by CEO Marc Christensen brought the land from the Larsen family and, with their blessing, decided on the strange name for a very good reason.  "It's such a unique name.  It gets everybody saying, Dented Brick, what is that?"   He continues, "A lot of distilleries, people can't remember the name of them. They say, that was really good, but what was the name of it. This one's pretty easy to remember."
They hope to have the distillery up and running by early next year and their first product will be a white rum.  They'll be bringing in the cane sugar from Hawaii to make the rum and have enough space and equipment to produce up toe 3 thousand cases a month.
They've already decided to call their first product Antelope Island Rum. Christensen is enthralled by the history and the geography of Antelope Island and says it just make sense.  "most rums are from the islands, right? Really there's island rums. Then we thought, well we've got islands here and we kind of looked on the map and said, we've got Antelope Island."
There's one more tie to that shootout back in 2008. The man killed, Ron Larsen, built an artesian well on the property and the distillers plan to use water from the well in their products.
You might think it's insensitive to base a name on a tragedy like that, but the family of Mr. Larsen is totally supportive.  CEO Christensen says he met with the man's daughter. "She thought that her dad would think that it was cool that we were doing this.  Particularly that we were using his well, his well water and using bricks from his house.
By the way back in 2008 the District Attorney ruled the shooting justifiable.
When the distillery opens the owners plan to have an educational tour for visitors along with a tasting room.  For Christensen the plans have been years in the making.  When that first drop of rum comes into a bottle, he says "we're going to have a big party. I'm going to feel really good." 

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