Utah company makes flexible concrete

VEYO (ABC4 Utah) - A Utah company with a very unique product, now has clients around the globe after a grant from the Governors Office . 

When you think of concrete the last thing you might think of is flexible. 

Well, think again.

"They don't believe us. When we say that. They’re like: yeah right, whatever” said Elastocrete President Del Turley. 

Elastocrete might be the greatest mistake Del Turley and his partner Lee Edgar ever made. 

"We had made a countertop and we got it backwards. So we said okay let's jump on it, break it and throw it in the dumpster. When we bounced on it,  it became a springboard,” said Turley. 

"It's very hard but yet flexible,” said Turley of the concrete. 

Turley, a southern Utah father of nine, started taking the cement to home improvement shows.

"We were blown away with the interest, we couldn't even keep up,” said Turley. 

Elastocrete is used for everything from counters, wall panels, furniture, and floors. It’s poured with wood or rubber.

"This is crushed computer screen added to the mix,” said Turley. 

Elastocrete is even used to make basketball courts. 

"It plays very comfortably so you've got that cushioned step,” said Turley. 

Unlike most cement there are no cracks. 

"The biggest pour we have to date without any seams or cracks or joints is 16,500 square feet.

Greg Freihofner had just moved from New York City when he met Turley and heard the rumors of the flexible cement. He joined the Elastocrete team. The Governors Office of Economic Development heard about it too. 

"They caught the vision of what this product could do, and so it resonated with them,” said Freihofner.

The Office awarded Elastocrete a technology grant of 100,000 dollars last year. The grant helps Utah entrepreneurs bring new technology to the market.  

"When you think of technology, you think software and computers, but our product, even though it's cement, there's a lot of technology involved in creating a cement that's flexible,” said Freihofner. 

"It's been a blessing. We manufacture right here in Veyo and ship it all over the world. 

About two and a half times the growth every year since we started,” said Turley.

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