Unified Fire crew get personal in touching video

SALT LAKE COUNTY (News4Utah)- Firefighters at Unified Fire gave the public a look a point of view not often seen in a newly released inspiring video called ‘I Believe’.

 “I believe this is not just my job. It is what I am meant to do; it is what I was made for,” the narrator of the video says. “This is who I am but ‘firefighter does not define me’. I am many things beyond the job. Father, mother, husband, sister, friend—and I am where I am belong. Where I am needed.”

The narrator then opens up about the responsibility that comes with putting on a uniform everyday.

“In uniform I am different. I’m looked at differently, talked to differently. Expected to be different. The physical weight of my badge can be measured in ounces, but the responsibility shouldered under that piece of metal is staggering,” he says.

Viewers have time to reflect on what it would be like to be in their shoes.

“‘Protect my house’, ‘save my child’, ‘help my mother’, ‘I am sorry for your loss’,” the narrator says. “I can never leave the fire service or rather it will never leave me. The fire will live inside me permanently.”

Throughout the video various crew members speak of the theme of the video, “I believe”.

Video peppered throughout these interviews shows what a day in the life looks like for this team. The viewer sees roaring flames inside homes and an injured pedestrian on the street.

“I cannot put into words why I chose this path; why I am drawn to it. It is something that was born inside me long before my oath. I am a part of history and the future. I am a part of lives given and lives saved—something so much larger than myself. I’m not comfortable with gratitude. I am humbled by it.”


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