Unchartered Territory for BYUtv and Sci-Fi and Alien Series

10 episode 'Extinct' is filmed entirely in Utah

PROVO, UT (ABC4UTAH) -- It is unlike any show BYUtv has ever done before.
A sci-fi post-apocalyptic show with aliens. It may sound like a strange partnership but it is a new television series that is filmed entirely in Utah.
ABC4 got a sneak peak at production.
BYUtv has been filming its latest television series 'Extinct' in Utah for the last 6 months.

Most of the cast is from Los Angeles
Yorke Fryer, 'Abram'  "filming in Utah. I'm loving it!
Victoria Atkins, 'Feena' "it's my dream filming and skiing on the weekends."

The show is set 400 years in the future after the extinction of humans.
Atkins, "there's 3 of us who get reborn and you get to follow our journey."
The cast and crew are filming all over the state, with a lot happening right on the grounds of the LDS Motion Picture Studios in Provo.
Chad Michael Collins, 'Ezra' "this is where we make the bows and arrows, this is a lookout tower and we can see oncoming threats."

This is unchartered territory for BYUtv to delve into the realm of sci-fi and aliens

Johnston, "This is unlike anything they've ever done before. It's a science fiction show but it's family friendly with action, adventure, romance. We want people to feel something."

Co-creator Aaron Johnston along with Orson Scott Card, author of Ender's Game, hope to appeal to both the BYUtv audience and those not familiar with the network.

Johnston, "this isn't a Mormon show. We are not making LDS science fiction. We are making a human story."
Matthew Bellows, 'Jax' "We get to film in this landscape in one state. Couldn't be better, it's pretty amazing."
The television series will air this fall in October on BYUtv.

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