Transgender Woman Says She Was Attacked in Movie Theater

Ogden Woman Claims It Was a Hate Crime

OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - An Ogden transgender woman says she was attacked inside a movie theater. Police call it a simple assault, but the victim says it was a hate crime because she's transgender. 

Marissa Bella Satori says she went to a matinee Tuesday at the Megaplex Theater. Instead of enjoying the movie, she says, she was attacked because of the way she looked.

Marissa Bella Satori, "he grabbed me so strongly, he scratched me while he was holding me down with this hand wailing at me."

Satori went to the 1 o'clock showing of Fantastic Beasts alone while her friends went to see Rogue One.

Halfway through the movie, she felt her phone vibrate.

"I took the phone out of my pocket. By the time I looked down on my phone and unlocked the phone the phone was yanked out of my hand. He yells, 'the next time I see that phone I'm going to break your face.  I'm going to break your phone.'

Satori says it was the first time she looked at her phone during the movie.
"He just starts whacking at my face. I didn't know what was happening."
Ogden Police say they are sifting through surveillance video of the suspect running out of the theater.
When Satori was asked why she believes it was a hate crime:
She says, "he followed me into the theater and sat down on my row. It's apparent if I have my hair up I might look like a man with a lot of makeup."

Satori says the man who attacked her was sitting in the same row several seats away.
"I don't even know the face of the person who attacked me, that's the scary thing. People like me in my community, there are people out there for what ever reason maybe it's your phone or a guy with eyeliner or they look different, no one has the right to attack you."

ABC4 reached out to the public safety manager at Megaplex. They say they want everyone to feel safe at the theater. They are cooperating with police to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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