4 Suprisingly Unique Ways to Help Fight the Inversion Problem

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah)  Some strange and somewhat bizarre suggestions to deal with the inversion that's getting worse with each passing day.
Salt Lake County hosted a clean air fair Tuesday at the government building.  A myriad of booths suggesting small steps we can all take.  Mayor Ben McAdams says they all add up.  "So many things that you can do. It's going to take a lot of little things to make a big difference, but a lot of people doing a lot of little things is what's going to clear our air at the end of the day."
A grass roots group called Transition had one of the strangest exhibits.  The were handing out free seeds to plant edible weeds in your yard or garden. They say the weeds don't require water or fertilizer and you can eat them, which could save a trip to the store.
Folks from the Salt Lake Library were there urging folks to go digital, go online to get books or movies or anything the library has to offer.  Liesl Seborg is there representing the library.  "You're not driving" she says. "You're not inhaling all the toxins in the air and it's just another way to access all the great material we have through the library."
Another pollution saving suggestion is electric bicycles.  Blue Monkey Bicycles of Murray had several models on display ranging in price from $1,300 all the way to $6,000.  Mikey Geurts says they can go anywhere from 20 to 100 miles on a single charge.  "Electric bikes are inexpensive, also a very green way to transport oneself anywhere.  To and from work, or the grocery store or grandma's house."
The University of Utah's Sustainability Office was there promoting a new program that has already made a big difference.  It's the "clean air for "U" challenge."  It urges folks heading for the University not to drive alone, but to carpool or take mass transit.  Since February 1 they have logged 10,000 miles of non single occupant vehicle trips.
For more information on ways to promote cleaner air: UCAIR.org.

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