Take in spectacular scenery at Red Fleet State Park

VERNAL, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - The Good4Utah Road Tour rolled into Vernal Wednesday. In this town, you can find something to do rain or shine. At the indoor Utah Field House Museum, you’ll find amazing state history, but when the sun is shining, Red Fleet State Park is the place to be. 
When you visit Vernal, you get the two for one with state parks. Red Fleet is right down the road from Utah Field House where you can get your fix for all summer excitement. From powerboats to paddleboards, this is the place for family fun.
"I look at it and I see a lot of the red rock we've seen all over Utah which we think is beautiful, and next to the water like this makes it a perfect, beautiful place to go,” said Kathy Walmsley, visiting Vernal. 
Red Fleet became a park back in 1988 with sprawling sandstone creating a beautiful desert landscape. 
 “There's so much geology here and interesting things to look at with the all the rock formations and the fact that there were so many dinosaurs that roamed,” said Walmsley. 
Perhaps one the most unique characteristics of Red Fleet is the tangible evidence of these prehistoric beasts. Dinosaur tracks are preserved in the stone ranging from 3 to 17 inches. They’re easily accessible by the water or by a little more than a mile hike. 
 “Across is about 200 more dinosaur tracks from the doloposauras dinosaur. It's really unique in Utah. There's only a couple of places in the world that have trackways. We have three trackways which is three or more prints from the same dinosaur in a row,” said Mike Murray, Red Fleet Park Manager. 
Red Fleet campers can snag one of the 38 spots and paddle boarders and kayakers can enjoy a non-motorized portion of the reservoir. The cove offers less wake and a quitter environment for those looking to take up a new hobby and enjoy some spectacular scenery. 
“I just like this part of eastern Utah. We are not as crowded as the rest of the parks in Utah. You've got variety, you've got the desert, the reservoirs and you've got the mountains within 20 minutes of Vernal, so it's really a nice place,” said Murray. 
Paddlefest is June 16 and 17. For more information about Red Fleet State Park, visit https://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/red-fleet/.
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