Suspect caught after breaking into Orem home, assaulting woman inside

Rodolfo Villalobos, Jr. is charged with attempted murder

OREM, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - Orem Police identified the man accused of breaking into a random house and nearly killing a mother.

Police believe officer body camera footage shows Rodolfo Villalobos, Jr. on the ground and taunting arresting officers early Monday morning. 

“You’re going to have to kill  me or take me in,” Villalobos is believed to have said in the video.  

Orem Police say the 21-year-old from Provo broke the basement window of a home near 600 North and 400 West. Inside the house, a mother and her three young children were fast asleep.

“We just don’t know why he chose this house,” Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez said.

The mother woke up and confronted the suspect inside her home. That’s when police say Villalobos used a PVC pipe to beat and choke her to the point of unconsciousness.

“She was frightened for her life. With the statements she made to us, she didn’t know if she was going to wake up after this,” Martinez said.

Police said Villalobos went on to hurt the four-year-old daughter, who had blood and red marks on her face. 

When the mother came-to, police say she ran to a neighbor’s for help. Villalobos was captured a few blocks away. 

Police say the suspect has no connection to the victim and her family.

“That’s the scariest thing. It’s not just someone you know. It’s somebody random. There doesn’t have to be a reason for it.” Taneezha Cundick said, a mother in Orem shocked by the attack. 

“For someone to do that, it’s just not right,” said Kyle Fox, a father living in Orem. 

Martinez says the victim and her children are expected to make a full recovery. 

Villalobos faces six charges, including attempted murder, aggravated burglary and child abuse. 


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