Support immigrants in need during Live PC Give PC on Friday

Live PC Give PC is just two days away.

On Friday, November 10, you can make a real impact and support your choice of more than 100 organizations participating in the event.

One of those organizations is the Immigrant Legal Services. Kate Barber, Senior Attorney with Immigrant Legal Services joined ABC4 in studio to explain why the work they do at the organization is so important.

Immigrant Legal Services focuses on humanitarian based immigration cases. Community donations and grants allow them to provide all of their services pro-bono or low bono.

To learn more about what they do and who they help click here.

If you are interested in backing them during Live PC Give PC we've made it easy:

As organizers of the event, Park City Community Foundation hopes to create wide community impact by supporting nonprofits and local business. For more information on their cause click here.

Last year, organizers set a goal of $1.5 million and exceeded their goal with $1.7 million.

The goal this year: $1,999,999. 

Click here to get involved

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