Staff members say Mitt Romney underwent surgery for prostate cancer last summer

Experts say it shouldn't affect his expected run for Orrin Hatch's Senate seat

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) -Members of Mitt Romney's staff have informed the media that the former Presidential candidate underwent successful surgery for cancer last summer. News4Utah sought the opinion of experts on how that affects his medical and political prognosis.

In 2015 Mitt Romney boxed against Evander Holyfield and in March of 2016 he took some jabs at then candidate Donald Trump.

"Mr. Trump tells us that he''s very very smart," Romney said during a speech nearly two years ago. "I'm afraid when it comes to foreign policy he is very very not smart."

Romney is widely expected to run for Orrin Hatch's Senate seat this fall but last summer Mitt faced his toughest opponent: prostate cancer.

"It is the number two killer of men in the United States," Dr. Jay Bishoff of the Intermountain Medical Center Urological Institute told News4Utah Monday.

Dr. Bishoff says that while prostate cancer can be deadly, early detection and surgery like Romney had make it nearly an afterthought.

"It's almost of no concern whatsoever," Dr. Bishoff said. "If we have a patient with a moderately aggressive prostate cancer who has surgery on that and we find out that it's contained entirely in the prostate we consider that a cure. We would never think twice about letting that patient do anything he wanted to do in his life."

Why would Romney's staff release this information just ahead of a potential announcement that he's running for Senate? Some, like Hinckley Institute of Politics Director Jason Perry feel that it's to get ahead of the story so it doesn't come up later in a campaign.

"What every politician wants to do is to be in front of a story and that's the most telling part about this one is that it's happening now," Perry said. "He's telling it. He's telling it all. It's not going to come out later. That's one of the best signs that he may be thinking about running."

 Doctors suggest that all men over 50 and any man who experiences urinary obstruction get a prostate exam.


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