Snow storm increases delivery business for pizza restaurant

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) - For a lot of Utahns, the snow and cold weather is a great excuse to stay inside. That's exactly what businesses that deliver depend on. More white outside means more green in their pocket.

Michael Sammann, the front-of-house manager for Mellow Mushroom Pizza said his restaurant gets more business on storm days than any other days of the year.

"If a storm comes through, we'll definitely beef up our staff and make sure we're ready to handle or equip whatever the restaurant needs," said Sammann.

Mellow Mushroom Pizza is in the heart of Sugarhouse, where many locals like to shop and dine. But when the snowfall makes it hard to drive or walk to their restaurant, they've got a plan B - their delivery clientele.

"Snow and pizza, it just goes hand in hand. Pizza's that thing that you think of when you think of delivery. And so as the storm comes, people think, 'Oh! I want to go get some pizza,'" said Sammann. "With orders increasing, the staff is excited. They want to be able to serve the product that we have."

Sammann said their restaurant does not hire delivery drivers, but they use GrubHub, an online food delivery company to accept and fulfill delivery orders.

News4Utah also spoke to several cab and taxi companies who said their business increased from this weekend's snow storm.

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