Snow removal crews prepare for second round of storms

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (News4Utah) - Snow plow crews, and residents are preparing for a second round of snow storms expected to hit the worst in Davis and Weber Counties.

Crews say they've run into problems which is making it harder to clear the streets. With the warm weather this summer many have been parking their cars on the streets.

Gary Blowers is the City Streets Manager for the City of Bountiful notes how difficult it makes things for plow crews.

"The thing we've really been struggling with are parked cars with this storm," said Blowers. "We've been used to the warmer weather I've seen cars, trailers, even boats out on the road."

Another issue is residents at times are using snow blowers or shovels are putting the snow right back into the street. With the falling temperatures that could make for more ice on the roadways.

"We spend many hours and a lot of salt and a lot effort to get these roads opened up," said Blowers. Nothing kills us worse than having somebody blow all their snow back out into the road."

On Monday many residents were out clearing their driveways and sidewalks. One of those people was Lyn Thompson who's an elderly man who has lived in his same home for years. While removing snow may be a hassle he says it's welcomed sight this winter.

"I'm plenty pleased and happy with it thus far," said Thompson. "When it gets up to my armpits then I might not be quite as excited."

Thompson said that there are several people in his neighborhood who are too old to clear their own driveways and streets.

Residents have been pitching in to make sure it gets done. UDOT and city crews say they will be out in full force trying to clear streets as the worst of the snow is expected during the morning commute on Tuesday.

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