Snow Plows Trying To Keep Roads Clear During Stormy Week

Officials ask drivers and homeowners to do their part in snow removal effort

Salt Lake City - SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah News) - With more snow on the way, the plows will be out clearing the roadways and officials are asking drivers and homeowners to do their part to help the snow removal effort.

The succession of storms dumping on the Wasatch Front has the Salt Lake County Public Works Department deploying their 70 plow trucks and scrambling to replenish their six salt piles according to Operations Director Kevyn Smeltzer.

"After these two big storms there's been a high demand for salt and I think everybody's a little bit low," Smeltzer said. "So we're a little bit nervous about that."

Smeltzer's department has 95 drivers working 14 hours a day to clear county streets while the Utah Department of Transportation is in charge of clearing the interstates and highways.

"It's critical that we get our roads in top shape," UDOT Public Information Officer John Gleason said Tuesday. "That we get them as safe as they can possibly be so that we can cut down on crashes and people's rides to school and work as smooth as they can possibly be."

Salt Lake City offers these snow removal tips on their website
-Shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours after the storm ends
-Remove snow from around fire hydrants
-Pile snow on the right hand side of your driveway when facing the street (so plows don't push it right back)
-Don't let children play in snow berms next to the street
-Don't shovel or blow snow into the street

"Not only is that harder to clear because the cars go over it and pack it down but it also creates a safety hazard," Smeltzer said. "That can turn into ice and it becomes a safety hazard for everybody."

Smeltzer also advised not following plows too closely because the driver won't be able to see you and they frequently stop and back up.


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