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Snow Day: Park City Schools Close Tuesday

PARK CITY (ABC4 Utah) - Park City students not quite ready to return to school after their holiday vacation got a little gift from Mother Nature Tuesday. For the first time in over a decade the Park City School District called a snow day and canceled classes. 
Daxelle Warren, 9, was sledding in Library Park when she'd normally be in school. She said she was very excited to learn school had been canceled. "My mom just ran into the room and shook me and said it's a snow day."
The resort town is used to getting snow, but the school district says this storm caught them a bit off guard. Park City School District Business Administrator Todd Hauber told Good4Utah, "We watch the weather reports, we see what's coming down, the storm was just hitting perfect for the commute this morning and it wasn't looking good." 
Hauber says he made the call to cancel school at 3:30 Tuesday morning when it was clear the plows weren't going to make it into the neighborhoods in time for the buses to make their morning pickups. "Park City Municipal and Summit County, they're just all over the roads, they're taking care of things for those main arteries, but the neighborhoods are often second priority and well that's where our buses go," said Hauber.
Susan Miller got the text from the school district at 5am that school was canceled. "It said that the buses weren't running and due to the weather the schools were closed," said Miller. "I was surprised because I didn't think it snowed that much, but if the streets aren't safe then it's a good idea not to have the buses out." 
Amy Warren also awoke to the news about classes being canceled. "The school district did a great job and called and texted and emailed at 5 a.m. so we were very well informed that there was no school today." 
But the Park City School District teacher thinks the district doesn't call snow days enough. Warren said, "I think that there's been a lot of days that I wish that we had had snow days, and not just because I'm a teacher, but because the roads end up being really bad later on in the day and then it's just a mess. It's hard to get kids home and it's hard to drive."  
Another storm is expected to hit Tuesday night. It's not clear if there will be school on Wednesday. The district says they're going to watch what the storm does. They don't expect to cancel school, but say they will make that call if the roads aren't safe for buses to travel.

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