Sick Father and Son Enjoy Ride of a Lifetime

PROVIDENCE, Utah (ABC4 Utah)- When Colby Amundsen was just 2 years old he got sick with E. Coli he got from a mountain stream during a family outing. Shortly after he suffered a stroke which eliminated most of his ability to move.

Colby’s family has faced many challenges the last 10 years. As if this weren’t enough, his father, a U.S. Army veteran is struggling with his third brain tumor.

On Saturday local community members and a group known as “Team Demon” provided Colby with an opportunity of a lifetime.

The team retrofitted a collar for Colby so he and his father could go on a ride on a specially modified snowmobile called an ETV Axys.

The creator of the machine, Trevor Erickson, calls the ETV “The Demon Machine”.

Colby and his father a great time, except they took a little tumble.

"Sometimes in life there’s all kinds of bumps in the road and Colby came back after wrecking on this machine and he has bumps and bruises and the first thing he gives us is a smile," Erickson, the machine designer said.

Colby was checked out by medical officials just in case but besides a few bruises, Colby’s mom says he is all smiles.

If you would like to support the Amundsen family click here.

To learn more about Colby and his father's journey click here.

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