Senator looking to repeal protections for surrogacy because of same-sex marriage

The same senator created those protections twelve years ago

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) - Senator Lyle Hillyard presented S.B. 126 to committee Wednesday; the bill repeals legal protections for surrogacy participants. Hillyard says he's repealing the bill because he promised lawmakers to keep the legislation within traditional marriages. 

Hillyard said today, "Some of my colleagues voted for the bill only on my agreement that if the court or people started doing things other than specifically outlined in this bill, I would seek to have it repealed, and that's what I'm doing here."

Same-sex couples are currently pursuing the right to surrogacy protections in the Utah Supreme Court. 

Protections currently afforded in the legislation include a court approved contract between the genetic parents and the surrogate that legally grants the child to the genetic parents. It also mandates that all parties receive counseling after the birth, and defines the circumstances in which a family is eligible to engage in surrogacy. 

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