See Sundance Award-Winning Documentary 'STEP'

A Sundance-award winning documentary is screening through the Utah Film Center. 
Geralyn Dreyfous is the executive producer of STEP and the co-founder of the Utah Film Center. Geri McIntyre is a coach and one of the subjects in the film. Maisha Gaves is also a subject in the film and a mother of a step team member. 
There will be a STEP dance class at Trolley Square with Coach Geri McIntyre Monday (March 20) evening. The class is $30 for adults and $20 for students. 
The Utah Film Center is screening STEP Tuesday (March 21) night at the Salt Lake City Public Library. 
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About the Film
The Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women opened in 2009 with a mandate to send every student to college, despite the barriers that their home lives and community might present. Now, as the first class enters its senior year, the stakes are high to achieve that purpose. The film follows three irrepressible seniors and their "Lethal Ladies" step dance team as they navigate a nerve-wracking college application process and strive to elevate the creative outlet that keeps them united and fighting to reach their goals.
STEP hones in on the trials and triumphs of these tenacious young women, as well as their relationships with the women who champion and challenge them: their mothers, an unstoppable college counselor, and a no-nonsense step coach. These mentors are never far, doing all that they can to enable achievement, often with the odds stacked against them. This founding class is wrestling with life at the brink of their independence, always to a contagious beat that is haunting and universal.
Winner: U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Inspirational Filmmaking-2017 Sundance Film Festival

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