Rocky Mountain Power sends crews to help Hurricane Irma victims

More than 50 men drive down Sunday

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) - More than 50 men in over 30 equipment trucks are driving to Georgia Sunday to help with Hurricane Irma recovery. Local crews are assembled Saturday from Cedar City, Moab, Price, American Fork, Ogden, Layton, Jordan Valley, SL Metro, Rexburg and Shelley.

Ryan Hobley is a volunteer from the Draper Service Center. He says, "We're getting ready to go back and provide electrical service, repair service, to the people that will be impacted by Hurricane Irma."

Right now their assignment is Macon, Georgia, but that could change depending on the where the storm hits hardest. The convoy will be split into teams of three trucks, all stocked with any tools they might need. 

Hobley explained, "We realize that when we get there, we will have to take what we will be working with so we're loading everything we may need when we get there."

The crews say they're happy to help their fellow power workers. Electric companies work together during disasters through a mutual assistance program. 

Ron Rayburn is a volunteer from the Metro Service Center, and he says, "We have such a finite amount of people that can do this in the U.S. so we all have to help each other to make this happen."

Hobley says he's honored to be able to help, "I have family in Huston and I wasn't able to go help them. This is a fantastic opportunity not only to go and do what we're trained to do, but to go and help the people that are in need of our help."

If you are looking for ways to help, the Center for International Disaster Information, a part of the United States Agency for International Development, says sending money is almost always the most useful way to give aid. They list specific guidelines on their website

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