President Trump's Travel Ban Backlash

01/31/2017 - SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) Amidst protests nationwide, President Trump has been an uproar of people fighting his immigration travel ban. Caren Frost, director of migration and refugees joined Good Morning Utah to talk to impact of this ban and what could come. 

"People who support the executive orders that Donald Trump has put out are people who feel a little fearful and a little nervous about people who don't necessarily look like them coming into their communities. Whereas people who are protesting against it are really supportive of what the United States may really be all about which is supporting human rights and helping people who are in need." Frost states. 

There are three executive orders in The President's plan. The first one had to do with direct order to go ahead and start building more on to the wall along the southern border of the United States. The second order had to do with deporting people who are here without documentation and have committed crimes and also to stop federal funding for sanctuary cities. The third executive order has to do with refugees and immigrants and how the white house would like to have that whole process revised, thought about again, evaluated to see if we're being as effective as we can be. 

Frost says if you're concerned about what to come,  she would recommend that people go ahead and contact their legislative folks at the state or federal level and let them know either way what is it that you're thinking.

Frost works for The University of Utah, for more information visit and

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