President says 'we'll see' about attacking North Korea after latest bomb test

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - North Korea claims to have carried out a successful hydrogen bomb test by detonating a nuclear explosive that could be delivered by an intercontinental ballistic missile. Utah Representative Chris Stewart says talking out it with the rouge nation is not the answer right now. 
"At some point that may be the answer," Rep. Stewart told Chief Political Correspondent Glen Mills after North Korea flew missiles over Japan last week. "Kim Jong Un is not insane. He will respond to some of the levers that we can pull, but it's going to take a conservative effort, and this president seems willing to do that." 
North Korea's sixth and latest nuclear test was Sunday morning. It appears this is the nation's most powerful nuclear test.
When President Donald Trump was asked if the United States will attack North Korea, he said, "We'll see."
News of Sunday's nuclear test came just hours after seismologists detected a 6.3 magnitude explosion in North Korea. Since then, photos have surfaced of Kim Jong Un inspecting the loading of a hydrogen bomb into a new ICBM missile. It's the latest daring move in a summer of provocation by the nation.
"We said in the past we won't allow them to get nuclear weapons, and we failed in that. Then we said we won't allow them to build ICBM's, then we failed in that. And the previous administrations going back for a generation have not been able to protect our national security," Stewart said. 
The United Nations may be considering action. Ambassador Nikki Haley, along with representatives from Japan, France, the United Kingdom and South Korea, requested an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. The meeting is scheduled for Monday.

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