Policeman Delivers a Batman Christmas for a 4-year-old Utah Boy

Behind the Badge with Officer Steave Reaves and the Meacham Family

BRIGHAM CITY, UT (News 4 Utah) She was dealing with the most serious and scary issue of her life when Officer Steve Reaves and his wife offered to help. A few weeks later, Christmas presents were delivered for a little boy. And Christmas morning will be amazing at the Meacham house. 

We caught up with the Meacham family in mid-December as they enjoyed some family time in their Brigham City apartment. During our time together four-year-old Jaxton was playing with his Batman cars and from what we saw and what we were told he loves all things Batman. Karissa Meacham then told us about how she started to lose her eyesight in mid-October. "I had a blurry spot in my eye and I just couldn't see and it kept getting worse." She went to the doctor who told her she had a brain tumor behind her eyes. He told her it was pushing on optical nerves, affecting her vision and the diagnosis wasn't good. "I was losing my eye vision. So, I could go completely blind or it could hemorrhage and I could have died." "It was a total crazy day. I was an emotional wreck - I balled non-stop. It's really scary to think you have a brain tumor and you think of all the bad things." 

Before her surgery she went back to work on her weekend shift as a server at Denny's in West Haven to let her regular customers know she'd be gone for a couple of months. Knowing Karissa would not be able to work for awhile - Ogden Police Officer Steve Reaves and his wife told Karissa that they wanted to help her and her family by taking care of her son Jaxton's Christmas presents. The 30-year-old mother was overwhelmed by the offer. "I went to the back and cried some tears and told my boss what my customer had just said to me cause I didn't expect that.  I'm just so blessed to have Steve and his wife in my life." 

A few days later - the 30-year-old mother and wife had her surgery.  "They went up threw my nose. " "They made a hole - scraped out the tumor."  "It was right behind my eyes and nose - they had to scrape and bring it out through my nose. " 
Karissa then has to extremely careful in her recovery. Doctors did not want her to life anything heavy, straining her face or move her head too much. "It takes a long time for your brain to heal and they just wanted to make sure." After a few weeks, doctors told her the surgery was a success. Something she already knew.  "My vision has slowly come back - I can see. Yea." 

Shortly after that - Officer Reaves and his wife showed up to deliver on their Christmas promise. An emotional moment for Karissa. "I was staying strong when they were here, but when they left I came in and cried because I couldn't believe everything. Louis had wrapped all the presents - the stocking is full." And then there was the ultimate gift - a Bat Mobile. They let us see it. Then before Jaxton came home from pre-school - the family whisked it away and put it under cover til Christmas morning. "He's going to be ecstatic - he is going to love everything. He is obsessed with Batman - so he is going to be so happy."  

As happy as his mother and father are that a police officer and his wife reached out to them with gifts and love in their time of need. "I can't wait to see them." "I can't wait to get back to work - and see everybody, especially Louis and Steve."  

Because the hole in her skull needed time to heal, Karissa says she can't go back to work til January 6th. As for Officer Reaves -  He's at work for the Ogden Police Department. He and his wife really didn't want any attention because of this, but we couldn't help from sharing the story with you. 

If you know an officer or first responder who we should highlight - go to: http://www.good4utah.com/badge  and nominate them for a future behind the badge story. 



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