Piggy banks stolen in home burglary

More than $2,000 saved for Disneyland vacation gone

WEST POINT CITY, Utah (News4Utah) - A family is devastated after a home burglary — especially since the children’s piggy banks were stolen, with more than $2,000 saved up for a Disneyland vacation.

Kassi Nelson is the mother of three kids — and she was incredibly proud of their desire to save and sacrifice for a family vacation.

“It’s their money — they worked so hard for it,” said Nelson.

“They’ve given up Christmas, they’ve knowingly given up Christmas presents, birthday presents, going out to eat,” added Nelson.

So when their dad, Dusty, went to get the kids from school last Friday — and the home was burglarized while he was gone for roughly an hour — the family felt shock.

"It’s hard to explain to them why the money’s all gone,” said Nelson.

She says she has filed a report with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office.


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