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Police: Victim in officer-involved shooting told officials he was going to hurt female hostage

MAGNA Utah (ABC4 Utah) - It was a strange call sent to 911 early Tuesday morning.

Lt. Brian Lohrke said police had no idea why Lonnie Marcel Bowen made the call.  But what he allegedly told dispatchers concerned police.

"He said he wanted our officers to get away from him and if we didn't he was going to shove a knife into her,"  Lohrke said.

But Lohrke said they didn’t have any officers at his location.  In fact, police pinged the cell phone call to 911 to get a location.  It was in the Millcreek area according to Lohrke.

He said when police arrived they didn’t see anyone except for a pickup truck leaving the area.  It turned out that pickup truck was the one Bowen was driving. 

About an hour later, West Valley police spotted the truck and followed it.  Lohrke said he was unsure how West Valley learned of their situation.  But he said dispatchers often communicate with police agencies.  

Broadcastify.com recorded those communications after West Valley spotted the pickup truck.

Dispatch:  “West on 3500 South, a Black male and a white female   it looks like the person (he) threatened to stab is in the vehicle with him." 

Police: “Speeds are still 20 miles per hour.  We're coming up to a light. It's yellow.  One tire is definitely flat. He is slowing down to ten miles an hour now.”

Bowen is forced to stop because of that flat tire.  He stops near the intersection of 8400 West and 2700 South. 

No details were released about those final seconds before police opened fire.  The case is under investigation.

But Tom Adamson who lives nearby came outside when he heard the police sirens.

"They were all pointing the guns towards the driveway and I said ‘man I’ve got to go see what's happening,’" Adamson said.

But he turned to go get warmer clothing when the shots rang out.

“There were four or five shots that I heard,” he said.

Lloyd Buhnin, another neighbor came outside as soon as he heard the shots fired.

“I didn’t know what was going on so I took out my phone and started recording,” he said.

On his recording, police surrounded the pickup truck where Bowen was down.  It appeared he was still alive according to communications between police and dispatchers.

Police: “We've got one down, we need medical ... expedite.”

The woman inside the truck is still alive according to those communications.  She managed to avoid the gunfire flying into the cab of the pickup truck.

Police: "She has scratches on her face from where the glass shattered and hit her.”

As police gather near the pickup truck, Adamson noticed another group of them surrounding the officer who shot.

“I know the cop was really upset about shooting,” Adamson said.  “He was crying and sobbing.  He felt really bad about it.”

Salt Lake City police was called in to take over the investigation.  They will determine if the shooting was justified.


MAGNA, Utah (News4Utah) - A man was killed during an officer-involved shooting Tuesday morning in Magna.

According to Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera, it started in the Millcreek area where officers were looking for a vehicle after reports of a hostage situation.

Sheriff Rivera said the suspect called emergency authorities saying he was going to hurt the woman in the vehicle with him. Using information he provided to dispatch, officers located the suspect vehicle in West Valley City.

A chase ensued through West Valley, finally ending in the Magna area with shots fired.

"One of the Unified Police officers that was in the area came to assist with the chase. Eventually shots were fired by the Unified Police officer, " Sheriff Rivera said.

Per protocol, Salt Lake City Police will take over the investigation.

The male suspect was killed. The female hostage got away with minor injuries she received from the suspect, police said.

He has been identified as 41-year-old Lonnie Marcel Bowen of Salt Lake City.




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