Orem Couple, Victims of Voyeurism, Speak Out

OREM, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - "I opened the window and I looked out and could literally see the drone hovering about 10-15 feet outside the window."

Jon Henson and his wife Rachel were stunned after they learned they were being spied on, back in December 2016.

"That is terrifying … it was kind of a reality check for me," said Rachel.

As a drone enthusiast himself, Jon's first instinct was to track down the drone-- which he did. Jenson tells ABC4 Utah that he got into his car and chased the high-flying object to a church parking lot down the street from his home.

"Once I grabbed the drone and saw that it had black tape around the LEDs, I knew for sure what he {the suspect} was doing with it." 

The husband and his wife said they found disturbing video of other unsuspected victims on the drone's camera-- something that alarmed Rachel.

"That's terrifying. It was kind of a reality check for me."

"To think that somebody was using this awesome piece of equipment for something such as this, it was a huge violation of my privacy. Not only as a citizen but as a woman. How do I know if he hadn't gotten other pictures of me before?"

Also caught on that same drone were images of the suspect, Aaron Dennis Foote. Foote and his girlfriend, Terisha Lee Norviel, were charged and arrested on Voyeurism charges last month.

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