Operation Bald Eagle Pays Back American Fork Girl's Act Of Kindness

10 year old Bridget Bradley recently paid for lunch

American Fork - AMERICAN FORK (ABC4 Utah News) - A Utah County fifth grader never expected her random act of kindness to be paid back but on Tuesday she got a holiday surprise.

10 year old Bridget Bradley of American Fork has a prosthetic leg but that doesn't slow her down. Her parents say she's always friendly and always giving to people. She recently saw  the officers from Operation Bald Eagle at McDonald's and went up to pay for their meal.

"Bridget has a big heart. She has a really big heart," her mother T.J. Bradley said. "She wants to help everybody. It's just how she is. She'd help everybody if she could."

Operation Bald Eagle usually helps military veterans and the families of fallen soldiers but on Tuesday President and Founder Jeffrey Mitchell paid a visit to Bridget's house.

"Bridget? Hi. We've got a little surprise for you," Mitchell said when Bridget opened her front door. "We've got you a doll over here...a doll house. We've got you a Dory. We've got you some other things the police department and fire department have brought. We wanted to honor you on this special day."

It was a big moment all started by a small gesture of kindness.

"I just wanted to be nice so I bought his lunch for him," Bridget told ABC4 Utah News. "Because he works for the military and he tries helping families in the military."

"She's just a real hero," Mitchell said. "You know you look at her and I didn't even know she had a prosthetic at the time. She was all smiles, happy you know. We walk around in life and we're so worried about the things that go wrong in our lives and then you meet somebody like this and it really changes this for you. It's really incredible."

Bridget had something for Mitchell too: $160 in cash she collected for his cause.

"Aww you didn't have to do that," Mitchell said. "Sweetheart that's awesome."

Mitchell calls Bridget "a princess" for her selfless act.

"It really tugs at your heart," Mitchell said. "That's why I love doing what I do."

For more information on Operation Bald Eagle, go to their website: http://operationbaldeagle.org/

Operation Bald Eagle is about serving the men and women who serve to protect us in their time of need. We believe that these patriot's and their immediate families ...

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