One Dead, One Injured After Shooting in West Valley City

Suspect is still at large.

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) -  Police are searching for the suspect(s) responsible for shooting and killing a man in the driveway of a home in West Valley City and injuring a woman.

West Valley City police confirm they received calls of multiple shots fired near a residence at 7174 W Bendixon Drive around 11:27 Monday night.

Police arrived to find a Javier Medina, 20, dead in the driveway of the home and a female with non-life threatening injuries who was transported to the hospital.

Investigators say multiple people were at the home at the time of the shooting including children and add many of them witnessed the shooting or heard the gunshots.  They were able to provide officers with detailed descriptions of the vehicle and suspect. 

"There are a lot of children that live there and a lot of family that were over at the residence at the time," said Lt. Steve Burke with West Valley City Police.

Police say the area is well known to them for gang activity but they can't conclude at the moment if that was the case in this shooting.  They are also investigating whether there was an exchange of gunfire or if this was a single shooter incident.  

Tuesday morning Medina's aunt says she believes she knows who killed her nephew and has spoken with police.  She says an argument between him, his girlfriend and his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend led to the shooting.  She says her nephew and the woman had just had a child together and she is devastated to know that the child will grow up never knowing his father.

Neighbors in the area say the neighborhood has been the site of shootings in the past.  One neighbor said the home where the shooting occurred is being rented and has had several tenants in the past.  She says most of the neighborhood has been there for years and they all know each other, but the two homes being rented out are the ones, she says, that have been giving the neighborhood trouble.  

Investigators also say there is no threat to the area or the public.  They feel this is an isolated incident.  

Witnesses were taken in to the West Valley City Police Department office for questioning and to gather witness testimony.  They will also be speaking with the injured woman to find out what she may have seen and heard.

As of 5:00 a.m. Tuesday morning police were still on scene of the shooting.  The entrance to the neighborhood has been closed off as they continue to investigate.

"We do have guys that are out trying to locate a possible suspect," said Burke.

This is a developing story and ABC4 News will continue to update the details as information becomes available.  

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