Ogden school fences off homeless

OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - An Ogden elementary school is being fenced off because of a homeless population that, according to the principal, puts her students in danger.

"We needed a physical barrier to help us keep our students safe," said Leanne Rich, principal at Odyssey Elementary.

Rich says the problem is Lantern House, a homeless shelter that opened up about a year and a half ago. It's located a few blocks away from Odyssey Elementary.

"Our parents tell us they don't feel that their children are safe," said Rich.

The school district is paying roughly $32,000 for fencing around the school. Rich says that's because ever since Lantern House opened, students and teachers have encountered countless problems.

"We've had people walking through screaming obscenities at the children," said Rich.

"We had like, almost like a sex party going on," added Rich, pointing to the nearby park.

"With kids on the playground" nearby, she added.

The fence is a necessity for safety, according to Rich.

"We've had people come through the park who have had a weapon. We have shown up to work at 6:45 and had people passed out, outside our school doors from drugs," said Rich.

The fence should be totally finished in a couple of weeks.

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