Officials say 18-year-old was shot in the leg during 'random' I-15 shooting

AMERICAN FORK (News4Utah)- Officials are looking for the person(s) involved in a shooting on Interstate 15 Tuesday.

They say around noon four teens were driving on I-15 near 278 South in American Fork when suddenly one of them was shot in the leg. Now, agents with the State Bureau Investigation (SBI) are asking the public for help locating the suspect or suspects.

"At this point it just appears to be random...we don't have a motive, we don't know how and why it occurred," Agent Brian Davis with SBI said.

Davis said the group heard a bang sound and then the 18-year-old victim noticed the injury to his right calf. 

Vennessa was the one driving the car and is cousins with the victim. They thought a speaker had blew out and broke the plastic which she thought damaged his leg.

"You could see the hole on one side and that's where the blood was coming out," said Vennessa, "On the other side you could see a little bulge."

The groups rushed to an urgent care, and soon realized the bullet hole in the passenger side door. A nurse confirmed it was a gunshot and told them to go to a hospital.

Agents said because it penetrated the door it likely came from close range.

"It was a single round through the right rear passenger door," Agent Davis said.  Davis said based on the trajectory it appears to have come from another vehicle. 

Officials did not receive any calls from witnesses at the time of the incident.

"No one saw. No one called...if you were in that area and saw something, even the smallest thing can help."

If you have any information contact the Utah Highway Patrol dispatch center at 801-887-3800.

Watch the full press conference: 

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