Officials investigate cougar sighting in Provo

PROVO, Utah (News4Utah) - Animal control officers in Provo are working to investigate a cougar sighting.

Provo Animal Control is working with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Police say a woman reported seeing cougar in her yard in the area of 2770 N. Foothill Drive about two weeks ago. 

Monday, a resident on the same block found three animal carcasses in her yard. A dog, cat and racoon had been mauled and partially eaten. DWR is working to determine if these animals were killed by a cougar.

Police would like to remind residents that we share a habitat with Utah wildlife. Cougars are secretive animals and nocturnal hunters so sightings are very rare, but if you see one in the city call the police or the Division of Wildlife Resources.

You can find some advice about staying safe in cougar country here.

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