Officer cleared in shooting involving teenage suspect

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - Salt Lake County District Attorney ruled an officer-involved shooting with a Cottonwood Heights Police officer as justified.

The shooting took place on September 3.

DA Sim Gill shares information about how the shooting unfolded. The Salt Lake City Police Department conducted the investigation and Gill released this full report on why he found the shooting justified.

The body camera footage from this incident was released weeks ago, but now more details ahve emerged about what Sgt. Chris McHugh saw, and the actions of the juvenile suspect who they say tried to run.

In this video, the suspect is seen running from the officer after crashing his vehicle during a chase. It appears the suspect starts to give up as the officer had both his gun and Taser pointed at the suspect.

The officer holstered his weapon,and immediately after the suspect began reaching down the front of his pants again. That's when Sgt. McHugh grabbed his weapon again and fired one shot.

According to the DA, it was because of the danger to the officer in this situation that the shooting was justified. Later at the hospital, investigators say the suspect was found with a fully loaded small revolver stuffed in his underwear.


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