No. Utah experiencing bad air quality, again

High ozone levels and smoke from wildfires contribute to pollution

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Tuesday marks the 22nd day this year Salt Lake County experienced dangerous ozone levels, according to the EPA, officially making 2017 the worst year for ozone in the last decade.  

"It's ugly air. It really is," Terrence Chatwin said, while playing pickleball in Murray.

Towering above, the Cottonwoods are blurry through the pollution. To the west, the Oquirrahs are all but invisible. 

"We're going to be stuck with this for three more days," Division of Environmental Quality spokesperson Donna Kemp Spangler said.

Kemp Spangler said bad ozone, along with wildfires burning in and around the state, are making a dangerous combination. 

"You've got both of these conditions happening at once which is really making the air quality just horrible," Kemp Spangler said.

"It sure looks terrible," Dr. Denitza Blagev said, Director at C. DuWayne Schmidt Chest Clinic at Intermountain Healthcare.

At IHC, Blagev said she's seen an up tick in patients coming to the hospital this summer because of the bad air. Children, the elderly, and people with respiratory conditions are most impacted. 

It's not just the at-risk groups that can feel the effects. 

"It's unhealthy for everyone. Even if we are not feeling any different walking out there, breathing in that unhealthy air increases our risk of heart and lung disease," Blagev said.

Experts say you can do your part to limit pollution by driving less and consolidating trips. 

Doctors recommend waiting to exercise until a cooler part of the day. If you experience symptoms, such as tightening of the chest or wheezing, stay inside. 

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