Move over for emergency vehicles or face a fine

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) - Another day of snowstorms made for another messy commute around the Wasatch Front. Utah Highway Patrol troopers want people to take extra precautions before heading out onto the roadways.

“We’re asking drivers to just slow their speeds down and get to where they’re going safely,” said Lawrence Hopper, a trooper with the Utah Highway Patrol.

Although there were numerous traffic incidents Tuesday morning, Lawrence told News4Utah’s Brittany Johnson that it wasn’t nearly as bad as the 458 accidents they responded to around the Wasatch Front on Monday.

“Maybe the motorists figured it out,” Lawrence said. “Today was not nearly as bad as it was yesterday and we’re grateful for that.

” After four troopers were hit during Monday’s snowstorm, Lawrence wants to remind Utahns to pay attention to what is going on along the side of the freeways. When you see blue and red flashing lights, slow down and move over.

“If we’re handling a crash on the side of the road, slow even further down and move over if you can do that. We ask for some space to work so that we can get done with that crash safely, so we don’t have another crash,” Lawrence said.

Drivers who don’t move out of the way of emergency vehicles could face a fine and have to take a four-hour defensive driving class if found guilty.

The Department of Public Safety says if you get into a minor crash and there’s minor property damage, or no one is injured and your vehicle is drivable, take the next exit off the freeway and call 911. A UHP trooper will be dispatched to your location.

DPS says it’s a lot safer for you to be pulled over somewhere off the highway than on the side of one.

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