Warm temperatures, rainfall causes flooding in Cache County

CACHE COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Canals are overflowing, roads are closing, homes are flooding, and Mother Nature shows no sign of letting up. 

Streets look like streams in Cache County right now, as communities try to stay ahead of flooding, but not everyone is that fortunate.  

"There's water all over the basement," said Wellsville resident, Kason Sachow.  

Water flowed in to Sachow's home, ruining computer parts, business materials, and other important property.

"There was a lot of stuff in boxes -- cardboard boxes -- on the ground... I'm worried more about the fact that it's an unfinished basement and all the wood getting water damaged," he said. 

In other areas, crews are using pumps to clean up overflow but in some cases can not keep up.  They say some streets are simply too risky to use. 

Road closures may stop traffic but do not stop extreme runoff rushing down the mountainside in Smithfield, where the snow is melting by the minute.  Friday morning, Cache County authorities closed down Smithfield Canyon Road.  That is where a clogged runoff drain made a big muddy mess.  Wanting to help, a concerned community member took off his coat and went in thigh-deep to try and fix the problem. 

"I got hot... I'm constantly having to take my arm out of my sleeve to try and reach down to the culvert," said Joseph Cardon.  "I'm trying to find the end of the culvert so I can dig it out, and let water run through it and under the road," he told Good 4 Utah's Ali Monsen. 

With more rain on its way, people are now bracing themselves -- and pulling out their sandbags -- for one wet weekend ahead. 

"This is light rain right now.  If it comes down hard, there's not many places to go except down.  It always goes down," said Wayne Moore another Smithfield  resident. 


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