Man struck by lightning shares his story

LAS VEGAS (Good4Utah) - The father of five who was hit by lightening Friday afternoon while playing golf in St. George  is speaking out  saying he is full of gratitude to be alive, and for his southern Utah Community. 

"Every day just hug your kids and your wife because you just never ever know," said Justin Hofer from University Memorial Hospital in Las Vegas where he is recovering. 

Justin doesn't remember much of that Friday afternoon. Just that a sunny day on the golf course quickly turned to snow.
But his friend Brett Denham remembers vividly.

"the loudest screeching roar, strike of any sound I've ever heard in my entire life  just came," said Denham describing the sound.
"I was standing there on the green and the electrocution was right there on the corner of the green," said Denham, showing Justin the video taken just before the lightening hit. 

"And I recognized that his body was on fire, and there was a flame about the size of your hand on your right hip and our immediate reaction was we got to get that flame out," said Denham. 
Denham and another friend smothered the flames with their jackets. Other bystanders helped,and Justin was taken to Dixie Regional Medical Center  before being transported by air to the UMC Lions Burn Center in Las Vegas. 

"I think it hit me in my back so I have so pretty crazy lightening burns on my back," said Justin. 

Justin has internal burns throughout his muscles and his recovery will be long, but between Monday's skin grafts he wanted  to say thank you. 

"The only thing I have to worry about is is taking care of my husband as he's recovering and that is such a huge weight off my shoulders," said Kelsey Hofer, Justin's wife. 

"I just feel ... I feel a lot of love and I need to reciprocate that," said Hofer. 

Justin's GoFundMe page can be found HERE

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