Man steals neighbor's checks, writes them to himself

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC4 News) - He stole checks from his neighbor’s home — then forged his neighbor's signature by writing checks to himself.
That’s according to court documents, which show Matthew Thornton is charged with four counts of burglary and four counts of forgery.
In total, Thornton wrote $750 in checks to himself earlier this summer from his neighbor's checkbook.
“I said, what in the world’s going on?” said Charles Ray, the victim, when he saw his bank statement.
Ray says he was trying to do his neighbor, Thornton, a favor. So he asked Thornton to build a shed in Ray’s backyard. Ray says that, while he was gone, Thornton went into his home — stealing four checks, and then writing them to himself from July 15 to August 22, according to court documents.
“He tried to forge my name, but he can’t do it,” said Ray.
When police got involved, they confirmed the handwriting didn’t match Ray’s other checks. Thornton, according to court documents, was arrested Sept. 5 and admitted to the crimes.
Thornton even wrote an apology letter to Ray. “I saw an easy way out and I am ashamed for my actions,” the letter reads.
Ray says he forgives his neighbor — but hopes his neighbor will learn something from this experience.
‘He needs to just get help. We tried to help him, the ward tried to help him—but it backfired,” said Ray.

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