Mail prowler caught on camera, neighbors say

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (News4Utah) - Neighbors here are concerned about video surveillance showing a mail prowler roaming their streets.

"We just see this car, it looks like a woman, going through our mail," said Lisa Probst.

The latest case happened early in the morning on Thursday, January 25 -- and it was recorded on camera. A vehicle drives up to a mailbox and the driver reaches from inside the car to open a mailbox. The car then moves toward the next mailbox.

"To actually see it happen in front of your house, you're like -- people are doing that right in front of my house and my neighborhood?" added Probst.

Probst says neighbors have been victimized before. Last year, she says, the same thing happened. So she and others got security cameras.

"I just pulled out the driveway, the other day, and noticed that all of the mailboxes are open," said neighbor Aimee Lindsley.

"It's kinda scary, knowing that people are going through your mail," said Lindsley.

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