Utah Mother Pleads for Thieves to Return Dead Son's Shoes

Heartbroken Over Stolen Shoes, Mother Carried With Her For 9 Years

WEST VALLEY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) -- A story you'll see only on ABC4, a West Valley mother of 4 is pleading to the thieves who took her dead son's shoes. They meant everything to this mother who has carried them with her for the past 9 years.

Sara Silva was parked at Sunnyside Park to go to the Utes game against USC last Friday when her truck got broken into. The thief stole her purse. What the crooks didn't know was inside her purse was something Silva holds dear to her heart.

Silva, "They were everything to me. I took them everywhere I went. They meant so much to me. I can't have my son with me so I carried a piece of him with me. They're just a pair of shoes but he loved those shoes.

Silva lost her son, who was just shy of his 2nd birthday, 9 years ago in a tragic accident at the hands of his own father.

The boy's father said something was wrong with the gun while showing it to his cousin when the unthinkable happened.

Silva, "he clicked the safety to show that it was on and it went off. There was a live round in it."

The bullet struck little Anthony killing him instantly.

"You don't think something like this would happen. He loved his son."

Since then nearly a decade ago, mom has never been far from these shoes.

Anthony would've been 11 years old this year.
Silva is a professional photographer. She's found special moments to capture Anthony's shoes.
Mom, still holds out hope that the thieves would find it in their heart to return these shoes.

"I'm not an emotional person. I don't think I've dealt with Anthony's death to this day. I can talk about his death without crying but I'm dying inside."

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