Local company provides live saving hereditary cancer screening

Myriad Genetics of Salt Lake City tests risk of 8 different cancers

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (ABC4UTAH) -- A local company has paved the way in genetic cancer screenings.
Myriad Genetics located right here in Salt Lake City has been saving lives for more than 25 years.
This month they've launched an even more in depth screening.

Myriad Genetics is the creator of 'myRisk Hereditary Cancer screening that is available in most OBGYN doctors' offices across the country.
Now they've added even more enhanced screening.

"one by one relatives came down with cancer."

47-year-old Andrea Grant of Millcreek, has an extensive history of cancer.  Her father died at a young age from Hodgkin Lymphoma which influenced Andrea to become a genetic counselor at Myriad Genetics.

It also led her to take the 'myRisk Hereditary Cancer screening that looks for 8 different cancers using genetic markers.

Andrea Grant, "I was surprised to find out that I carried a mutation in a gene for breast cancer called chek2 and I had an increased risk for breast cancer and colon cancer."
That information allows Andrea to get more enhanced and more frequent testing.  But it did something else. It saved her mother's life too.  

"she had a 50-50 chance of having the same mutation and as a result the doctor gave her a more in depth mammogram and they did find an early stage of breast cancer."

Not only did it save her mother's life from breast cancer but colon cancer too, when doctors found pre-cancerous polyps in her colon.

Dr. Johnathan Lancaster is the Chief Medical Officer at Myriad Genetics.  His company has also launched enhanced screening on top of myRisk screening called riskScore.

"cancer hereditary testing save lives. riskScore provides women, with a family history of breast cancer, with a far more accurate assessment of personal risk. They may test negative for the most common breast cancer genes but they will still receive a result that lets them know if they are at elevated risk or simply the risk of baseline population."

Andrea, "if you are a candidate, and not everyone is, it's a simple saliva blood test information could save your life."

Doctors say, it's important to know your family history and if you are a candidate for screening you can ask for the myRisk Hereditary Cancer screening which will now automatically come with the riskScore information.
The test is a 28 gene panel that identifies an elevated risk for 8 different cancers: breast, ovarian, colon, prostate, endometrial, melanoma, pancreatic and gastric.


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