Little Girl's Former Dog Gets A New Home

"Rhino Lightning" adopted by a Clearfield woman Monday

Murray - MURRAY (ABC4 Utah News) - The heartbreaking tale of a little girl who had to give her dog up for adoption got a happy ending Monday when "Rhino Lightning" got adopted.

The three year old boxer mix has an adorable face but it was the notebook of instructions that a young girl left with him at the Humane Society of Utah that really got to Melanie Hill of Clearfield.

"That just broke my heart," Hill said.

On Monday, before taking Rhino home, she shared what the tiny spiral bound notebook says.

"It just says 'Hi if you are reading this you must own Rhino now. He was my puppy. I really hope he is in a good environment. I miss him'," Hill read, continuing, " 'His full name is Rhino Lightning.  Please don't rename him. Please take good care of him. Rhino is a very energetic puppy. He is an amazing puppy. Needs lots of attention and loves people...Rhino is a striped dream. His cheeks make a lot of slobber...Please tell Rhino that I love and miss him each night. Please make sure Rhino lives in a safe house and he hates snow and swimming...sorry...but please treat him and find him a friend that's a dog'."

When Melanie looks at Rhino, she sees part of herself.

"When I was born, my mom kept me for six weeks and she just dropped me off at an orphanage," Hill said. "My Mom and Dad rescued me and so I came home to a very loving family and still have a family that loves me no matter what."

And Melanie's message for the little girl?

"I will take care of your puppy and love him just like you did," Hill said. "He's going to a really good home and then a neighborhood that has tons of dogs so he'll be able to run and play and be spoiled rotten but mostly he'll be loved."

Hill says she will keep his name Rhino Lightning and that she has another dog for him to play with, his new "brother" Bentley.

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