Landslide threatens homes in Riverdale with a wet storm on the way

Neighbors worry that evacuated houses could go over the edge

RIVERDALE (News4Utah) - Several homeowners in this Weber County town are once again on edge, literally and figuratively.

Three houses on a saturated hillslide were evacuated when their backyards started to slide in November. Now they're telling News4Utah that landslide seems to be accelerating.

It started with a major slide on November 19th...and soggy chunks of this hill continue to collapse with the latest tumbling down on Tuesday.

"It's still active," Ben Erickson of the Utah Geological Survey said. "It's still dangerous something you don't want to get near. Something that you need to be concerned about."

With a storm rapidly approaching neighbors are worried. Justin Baker lives across the street.

"We don't know what's going to happen next," Baker said. "Is it going to catch one of the homes that still have people in it? Is it going to continue to go? What happens when it hits the street. Are they going to turn this street into a cul de sac. If it hits the street, if it gets close to the street, the other side of the street is going to be evacuated as well."

Baker's house is still standing but he's dealing with financial damage.

"It's affecting prices on my home, equity that I have in my home," Baker said. "I'm watching all the equity I have in my house that I've spent for the last 10 years paying extra on my mortgage go up in smoke."

One property owner, Louis Donovan, estimates that he lost about 40 feet of his backyard in this latest slide. Now it's creeping ever closer to his house just about 40 feet away.

"We think this is bad. You wait til Spring when it rains. I think we're going to see massive amounts of slides," Baker said. "If these houses go over the edge and there's asbestos in 'em. We're talking about a multi-million dollar cleanup. We're not talking about a couple of hundred thousand dollars to buy these people out of their homes."

Neighbors have created a Go Fund Me account to help the displaced residents. To contribute, go to

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