Inmate attacks Utah County Jail Deputy

UTAH COUNTY (News4Utah)- A deputy at Utah County Jail was taken to the hospital Tuesday after officials say he was attacked by an inmate.

According to police, the deputy was accompanying a nurse while she was issuing medications to inmates in the jail when it happened.

Officials say the deputy put himself between the inmate Victor Luis Valdez, 26, of Provo and the nurse when Valdez became "unruly". 

Valdez began to attack the deputy until others were able to stop him.

The deputy had several cuts, bruises, and abrasions after the assault, police say. He has since been released from the hospital.

They say Valdez struggles with "significant mental health challenges" and has been booked into Utah County Jail 36 times. He  is currently being held on charges of retail theft, criminal trespass, and abuse of psychotoxic chemicals. 

Officials say charges against Valdez in this assault will be filed and may include assault by a prisoner, a third degree felony.

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