Husband forgives driver after deadly bus crash

KEARNS, Utah (News4Utah) The husband of a Utah woman hit and killed by a school bus does not hold the driver responsible for her death. 

"She was the light of my girls' lives and the light of so many people's lives. You couldn't not like her," Kevin said.

Kevin said his chance romance with Becky was clearly meant to be. 

The family was in the middle of buying a home. For the first time in their three year marriage, everything was perfect. On Thursday, it came to an end. 

"I could see my wife's coat and purse and I knew immediately it was her," Kevin said.

Around 7 a.m., Kevin sensed something was terribly wrong immediately after dropping his wife off at 5400 S. and 5200 W.

 Normally, the mother of three would catch the bus to commute downtown. Instead, she wasn't answering her phone. He rushed back to the intersection.

"I got over there, I tried talking to her and holler to her. I could see her there. I was trying to reach out and tell her it was okay. One of the firefighters actually grabbed me and said, 'You don't want to see this, brother.'"

Becky was hit by a Granite School District bus on the way to school, with young special need students onboard. Instead of getting angry or even placing blame, Kevin finds empathy for the man behind the wheel. 

"He has to live with a different kind of pain. He has to know, hey I hit somebody and they didn't survive. It was just a tragic accident. I don't blame him. My family doesn't blame him. I know my wife is certainly trying her best to watch over him too," Kevin said.

The unidentified driver has not been charged with any wrongdoing. Unified Police said they're still investigating and reconstructing the crash. 

While nothing can bring her back, Kevin is thankful for the life he shared with Becky and the memories they made. 

"My pain is completely different but I'm sure his is equally as hard. I'm sure," Kevin said.

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