How Russia Hacking Yahoo Impacts Our Country

03/20/2017 - SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) Russia is accused of hacking Yahoo. Cybersecurity program director Robert Jorgesen from Utah Valley University joined Good Morning Utah with Brian Carlson to discuss how that affects us all.

Last week, a grand jury indictment from late February was unsealed. It alleges that 4 men, 3 Russian and 1 Canadian, conspired to hack a number of US computer systems, including Yahoo, for the purposes of espionage, identity theft, and a variety of other purposes between 2014 and Fall 2016.

The indictment claims that two of the men were FSB agents. FSB is the Federal Security Service of Russia, which is a successor to the KGB and has a similar mission to that of our FBI, NSA, and border patrol. The grand jury believes that these two men asked the other two men indicted, among others, to hack a variety of sites to look for information.

It seems that they were mostly looking for information connected to Russian government officials and journalists, but they access a wide variety of accounts while they were inside of Yahoo's network. The hackers apparently took it upon themselves to steal credit card and gift card information from various accounts during this time.

The Canadian, Karim Baratov, was arrested last week in Canada. In a surprise twist, it seems that Russia may have arrested one of the FSB agents in December for supposedly spying for the US.

Cybersecurity threats continue to grow, whether it is foreign intelligence or basic cyber criminals. Businesses, especially those who deal with personal information, really need to make sure that their IT staff is cybersecurity savvy or at least bring in specialists to get some advice.

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