How and why the Olympic Committee prepared for cyber attacks in Pyeongchang

2/12/2018 - SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(News4Utah) The Pyeongchang Olympic Committee prepared for more than just athletes and spectators, they also prepared for cyber attacks. Robert Jorgensen, our cybersecurity expert from Utah Valley University, joined Emily Clark to talk about how they prepared. 

According to financial documents, the committee spent about 1.2 million dollars to prepare for cyber attacks. This included hardening their systems and hiring cybersecurity consulting firms.

The Olympic games are an attractive target. Not only is the world watching closely, but there are many high-ranking dignitaries from various nations who are as well.

There have also bee concerns that Russia may try to retaliate for being banned from participating. Likewise, there are concerns that North Korean may try to embarrass South Korea.

Finally, there are criminals who are looking at everything from stealing information to committing ticket fraud. These fears were realized after what happened yesterday. Jorgensen says we don't have a lot of details yes, but the IOC has indicated they dealt with some kind of widespread system shutdown.

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