FOUND: Hogle Zoo's Pallas' Cat returns

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) - UPDATE: The Hogle Zoo Pallas Cat that was discovered to be missing over the weekend returned home Monday evening.

Zoo staff at Hogle Zoo are searching for a 10-month-old Pallas' Cat that was discovered missing by his keepers Sunday Morning.

In a press release from the Zoo, it states the cat, named Mushu, was discovered missing around 8am this morning as zoo staff were doing rounds.

Officials believe that Mushu climbed over the barriers and through the top mesh. There were paw prints found near the barriers but because Mushu's paw prints are simiar to those of a house cat's, that makes it more difficult to track him.

The Pallas' Cat exhibit will remain closed so a thorough investigation can be conducted.

The cat is NOT considered dangerous and zoo operations are continuing as normal.

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