Hikers Find Man's Body After Apparent Fall at Zion National Park

Officials Believe Man Was Hiking Alone When He Fell

[UPDATE: 03.06.17]
Zion National park officials have identified the man who fell from the Angels Landing Trail on Friday as Tate Ryan Volino, 45, of Osprey, Fla. 
Tate leaves a wife, and two sons, ages 13 and 15 years old.
“We are all very saddened by this accident, and profound loss. Our deepest condolences go out
to the Volino family, friends and loved ones,” comments Jeff Bradybaugh, Superintendent Zion
National Park.
The body of a hiker was discovered Friday morning in Zion National Park. The death marks the first of the year in Utah's most popular national park. 
The body of a man was discovered by a group of shocked hikers on Angels Landing. 
"It looks as if he was out hiking and possibly slipped and fell...it's clear he fell a far distance, but other than that, we really can't say as yet," said John Marciano, Zion National Park spokesperson. 
The man, who is believed to be 45 years old, was found with the visible trauma injuries in Refrigerator Canyon along the West Rim Trail. Investigators believe he may have fallen from the popular Angels Landing trail, near a point where hikers rely on chains for safety along steep cliffs. 
'Of course, this affects everyone, certainly those who work here who have to work with those kinds of discoveries," said Marciano. 
"When we arrived we saw search and rescue vehicles around and we happened to see a body bag on a stretcher headed back to the ambulance so we were a bit concerned," said Kirk Brown, visiting from Australia. 
About 15 people have died while on Angels' Landing, according to the park. The dangerous trail was closed for several hours Friday morning. 
"With chains, it doesn't really surprise me. It can be really dangerous," said Guada Lupe, visiting form from Salt Lake.
"I'm surprised. It's not very often that you hear of people actually dying from going to these really famous national park, monument places," said Lhea Villarreal, visiting from Long Beach. 
The case is under investigation by the Washington County Sheriff's Office. A medical examiner is working to identify who the man is and where he is from. 

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