High Winds Cause Damage In Murray

Gusts uproot trees, break limbs causing them to fall on homes; nobody injured

Murray - MURRAY (ABC4 Utah News) - A cold front ushered in strong winds that uprooted trees and knocked out power Monday afternoon.

Steven Thibodeaux estimates a tree in his backyard was over 50 years old and over 60 feet tall before it was torn out of the ground and fell onto his house and detached garage around 4 o'clock.

"Initial assessments are some structural damage on the garage and then the roof on the rear of the house as well as a window," Thibodeaux told ABC4 Utah News. "Then the best part of our house basically, the tree, so hopefully we can get that replaced."

Two houses away, another tree fell onto a car parked on 5190 South. The owner was able to remove it and neighbors say it wasn't damaged.

About a mile east of there four people and three cats escaped injury when a tree fell on a mobile home located at 5222 South Camino Real Drive.

Scott Laxman was inside the mobile home at the time with three other people and three cats.

"We heard the wind pick up real powerful," Laxman said. "After that we just heard like an explosion, just like a bomb had gone off."

Owner Sandy Robinson said she had a strong feeling to avoid the back bedroom before the tree hit.

"We heard the wind gust come and as soon as the wind gust hit we heard the glass breaking," Robinson said. "It sounded like a bomb."

"It was the biggest gust of wind I've ever heard in my life," Scott's daughter Amy added. "We went to the room and branches came through the wall, the ceiling was collapsed, I mean I've never seen or heard anything so...I mean it scared us to death."

They were shaken but unharmed and feeling lucky the damage wasn't more severe.

"I feel pretty fortunate certainly. It could have been much worse," Thibodeaux said. "I'll take the garage any day of the week instead of the house and family and kids."

A Rocky Mountain Power employee said that 78 customers were without electricity Monday evening but they expected service to be restored by 9:30 pm.

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