High-tech Peeping Tom? Orem Police say close your curtains.

OREM, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Police say voyeurism is literally reaching new heights, after someone used a drone to spy on people inside their homes over the weekend.

Good 4 Utah’s Ali Monsen spoke with one of the latest victims, who asked to remain anonymous.  She says she and her husband noticed the humming noise of a hovering drone outside their bathroom window, Saturday morning.

"He had just gotten out of the shower,” she recalled, saying her husband then decided to go investigate. 

"He hurried and put some clothes on, and it was still there," she said.  

“It” was a drone equipped with high-resolution cameras that was clearly on a mission.

"[The operator] had blacked out the lights on the drone," the victim said.

Orem Police say the drone eventually touched down in a church parking lot, but the operator was nowhere in sight.  That is when they started sorting through evidence on the device. 

"We saw some pretty disturbing videos of the drone being flown in places it shouldn't be,” said Lt. Craig Martinez.

Martinez says authorities found a number of videos the drone captured from above homes and through windows, particularly people in their bathrooms and even one couple in their bedroom. 

"It seems like what he was doing is he would take the drone out when it was dark, and when he would see a light go on, he'd fly towards that light,” he said.

Investigators had no problem identifying a suspect.  They supplied ABC 4 Utah with a selfie they found on the drone’s SD card, saying the operator likely snapped it of himself. 

"We know who he is,” Martinez reiterated.

Whoever the suspect is also apparently has a history with voyeurism.

"That incident stemmed from him peeking over walls at his tanning salon,” Martinez said of a case back in 2007.

Police say it is simply too early to tell just how many victims could be out there.  They say most probably do not even realize what has happened until now.

"We want you to know it has happened and just to be aware of your surroundings,” Martinez advised the public.

Officials are now trying to track down the suspect for further questioning, and victims along Main Street say that cannot happen soon enough. 

"It's very scary living in an area that's supposedly as safe as Orem and knowing that people can do this,” the anonymous victim said.

If you live in Orem and think you may be a victim, Orem Police say they want to hear from you.  You can reach investigators at 801-229-7070

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